Since every project and its requirements can vary greatly, I offer a menu of services that is tailored to best suit each client and situation.

Includes coordination of project requirements with space and budget parameters.  General spatial relationships can also be explored.

Includes a scaled design solution including (but not limited to) Floor Plans and Exterior Elevation drawings. Some projects may require cardboard study models and/or Building Section drawings as well.

Includes a more detailed construction oriented set of drawings. Preliminary structural criteria are integrated and major building components are selected.

Includes final Construction drawings with structural engineering as required and materials specified. Type and number of drawings included varies with the complexity and requirements of each project.

Includes regularly scheduled meetings with general contractor and client at the building site from construction start to finished project, with review of various product and shop drawing submissions.

Full architectural service packages or partial service agreements are available. Individual service categories can sometimes be blended to streamline the overall design and document preparation process for simpler projects. The degree of detail required in documentation can vary greatly depending on client needs and expectations. Services and associated fees are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Site walk-throughs for help in building site selection.
Existing building walk-throughs for potential addition and renovation feasibility.


Houses.  Ever since I first opened my architectural practice in 1987 houses speak to me the most.

Natural and efficient houses, whether new, expanded or renovated, that fulfill the aspirations of the home owner and that fit harmoniously into their surrounding environments are the result of client and architect working together throughout the design process.  I pride myself on maintaining relaxed and open communication to achieve these ends. And I love working with my clients to fit spaces to places in both traditional and non-traditional ways.

As a long time practitioner of passive solar and energy efficient design, I advocate for sustainable design and construction to the greatest practical extent with an emphasis on extremely energy efficient building envelopes.  In adhering to these environmentally sensitive principles, residences of modest scale (generally under 3,500 s.f.) and appropriately scaled additions are the focus of my practice. Careful, creative design, with close client input tailored to imaginatively reflect each project’s special requirements are, I believe, the essential ingredients for a home that is both unique and environmentally responsible.

Licensed to practice architecture in New Hampshire, I work  from my office/studio located in the town of Hill. I provide services throughout the south, central, lake and mountain regions of the state and in the surrounding New England area.